Does Pineapple Belong On Pizza?

If you are a lover of pizza like we are, you know about the age-old debate on whether or not pineapple goes on pizza. While the answer to this question is genuinely all about a person’s tastes food, your local Manchester pizza shop has taken the opinions from both sides of the playing field and combined them in this article to show both as they see it. 


How It Began

One of the first places to top their pizzas with pineapple was a shop in Toronto, Canada, in 1962. Since then, pineapple on pizza has been highly congested, leading to a debate on the subject making waves through Twitter in January 2017. A tweet with a picture of a heavily loaded pineapple pizza brought the world into a frenzy, with people from all sides of Twitter taking part in the oven-baked battle. 


The Science Behind Hawaiian Pizza

Many people might argue that pineapple has been scientifically proven to belong on pizza. Taste has been broken down into five flavors: sweet, bitter, salty, savory, and sour. We naturally crave sugar because it provides a source of energy. Sugar is naturally found in fruits such as tomato and pineapple, resulting in a naturally salty and sweet combination when paired together. 


Why is Pineapple Pizza Hated?

While many love the pineapple on pizza combo, many oppose and are disgusted by the idea. One of these people is world-renowned British chef Gordan Ramsey. Ramsey shared his opinion on an Instagram post from a meme page that posted about the topic. The post stated, “Pineapple pizza isn’t even that bad. Most of y’all hate it because social media tells you to.” The chef commented, “This is a joke… right?” While pineapple may be sweet, many say that the flavor and texture do not mix with the cheese and bread of a pizza. 


The Verdict

At the end of the day, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Pizza is pizza, and it will continue to be there for you when you may need it the most. At Alley Cat Pizza, we make the largest Manchester pizza, including our classic Maui Cat pizza featuring ham and pineapple. Whether or not pineapple on pizza is for you, our pizzeria has it all. Join the poll here to weigh in on the pineapple on pizza debate.

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