A Brief History of Pizza Delivery

Pizza delivery is something we take for granted. Nearly every pizzeria offers it and it’s everywhere in pop culture. It’s part of the cultural zeitgeist, if you will. When something permeates our culture as much as pizza delivery has, we don’t really think about where it came from. But it actually has a fascinating history.


Let’s take a look at the timeline of the history of pizza delivery.




We’ve told you about the story of the first pizza delivery before. King Umberto I and Queen Margherita of Italy were visiting Naples in 1889 and asked to sample some local cuisine. Chefs from the city sent them many dishes including pizza, which was a hit, especially with the queen.


After the end of the Second World War, Americans had more expendable income than in years past. Soldiers that returned from abroad were also eager to enjoy the foods they enjoyed in Europe, especially pizza. Pizzerias popped up all over the United States, and many offered takeout options. In larger cities like New York and Los Angeles, they also offered delivery.  The service soon took off and spread throughout the country.


No one likes soggy pizza. But before 1960, pizzerias didn’t have a great way to transport pizzas that were out for delivery. Enter Tom Monaghan, the founder of Domino’s. In 1960, he invented the corrugated cardboard pizza box. This innovation allowed delivery drivers to stack pizzas, but the steam could still escape from the box. No more soggy pizza!


Hopping on your computer and ordering a pizza online is normal now, but it was an exciting new frontier in 1997. Once people accepted that ordering pizza online was real, it really took off.


Once smartphones became commonplace, apps that allowed users to do everyday activities became a given in every industry. Pizzerias were not to be left behind, and major chains as well as smaller shops developed their own apps for ordering pizza. Third-party services soon opened up online ordering to any pizza shop that wished to participate.


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