Grande Cheese: Settle For Nothing Less

Whether you’re looking for Manchester delivery, take-out, or dine-in pizza options, there is one thing that you should never compromise on. That ‘thing’ is the cheese your local pizza shop uses to create your pie! At Alley Cat Pizzeria, our chefs are dedicated to providing only the freshest, finest quality ingredients to our customers, which is why we use Grande Cheese. Not familiar? If not, you’ll definitely want to read this.


What most people don’t realize.

Although it may taste fresh, shredded cheese often contains a sneaky hidden ingredient. First, let us warn you that you may never go back to that favorite chain pizza shop after reading this.


Often, the most common ingredient you’ll find in any packaged shredded cheese is cellulose. With moisture absorbing and anti-caking properties, the ingredient is a natural one found in green plants. So, that leads us to the often asked question. What’s the big deal about cellulose in cheese? The big deal is that many cheese supplies have been caught substituting cheese for extra cellulose and other fillers.

Cheese can be expensive. By adding fillers, additives, and preservatives to their product, suppliers can lower the cost. So that $5.99 pizza deal we all love, you may want to rethink it. These companies lead consumers to believe they are eating ‘cheese pizza’ when, in fact, they are consuming very little to no cheese. Remember, you get what you pay for and pizza is no exception.


The Grande difference.

Unlike other cheese suppliers, Grande Cheese Company delivers only the freshest, all natural ingredients. Crafted from fresh milk collected daily at dedicated Grande producer dairy farms, Grande Cheese Company is committed to quality, animal well-being, keeping the best environmental practices in place, and delivering consistent flavor. Providing products of authentic Italian heritage, you know you’ve found a good pizza shop when they only deliver Grande cheese products.

With Grande, there are never any additives, fillers, or preservatives. None. Thus, you have cheese that performs.

  • No greasy oils
  • Excellent reheatability
  • Quality, Flavor, Consistency
  • Exceeds the highest standards of milk production in the U.S.
  • Cheese you can feel good about serving your family


Next time you’re searching for the best pizza in Manchester, delivery, take-out, or dine-in, do yourself a favor and settle for nothing less than the best. You deserve it.


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