Pizza Manchester NH: All About That Dough

Toppings may be a vital part of any pizza in Manchester NH, but that’s not all! No matter how good a slice of pizza might look, everyone can taste the difference between a fresh, hand-tossed pizza and a re-heated slice from the freezer. Here at Alley Cat Pizzeria, we take pride in our ingredients and how our pizza is made. Here’s a closer look at hand-tossed pizza dough and why we love it!

A “Hand-Tossed” History

While we aren’t sure who came up with the idea to hand-toss pizza dough, pizza’s origins certainly have a place in ancient history. Of course, we all know the famous story of Italian baker Raffaele Esposito, who was hired to create a pizza in honor of Queen Margherita. Yet, that’s not when pizza first entered the world of cuisine. 

For example, in Napoli, Italy, the thin-crust pizza was a thin slice of cheese-less flatbread coated with marinara sauce, garlic, olive oil, and oregano. Regardless of which style you prefer, pizza has become much more than a quick snack!

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Why Hand-Tossed?

Deep-dish and pan pizzas are amazing. Yet, we prefer hand-tossed pizza, and it’s not just because we look cool while making it! Here are some reasons why we love the hand-tossed method:

  • Pressing dough onto a pan tends to cause tears, resulting in dry, crumbly dough. Instead, throwing the dough and spinning it in the air creates consistent stretching.
  • Spinning and tossing the pizza dough creates even aeration, and the dough can rise evenly as a result. Some pizza makers may use a press to flatten the dough onto the pan, resulting in a flat crust.
  • Instead of forcing the dough into a particular shape, spin it in the air! Spinning the dough in the air ensures a near-perfect round shape with a light and crispy crust.

Order Hand-Tossed Pizza Manchester NH

The trick to any good hand-tossed pizza is the perfect amount of flour, pliable dough, and a little balance! Experience the tradition of hand-tossed, New-York style pizza right in Manchester, NH. Alley Cat Pizzeria is a veteran-owned business with over 18 years of experience in good food and happy customers.

Order your pizza and subs from Alley Cat Pizzeria today! Visit us at 486 Chestnut St in Manchester, NH.

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