Specialty Pizzas? Count Us In!

So, you love pizza. So do we! Do you love trying new, fun combinations of toppings, or do you stick to a few classic, yet reliable, dinner options? Alley Cat has the best pizza in Manchester, NH, no matter which way you choose to enjoy your pie. Today, we’re going to take a deep dive into the endless list of specialty pizzas that we offer. Hopefully, you’ll find one to enjoy!


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Our special Attack Cat is our take on the classic meat lovers pizza. It’s topped to the extreme with pepperoni, sausage, hamburg, ham, and bacon. If you’re looking to fill up your family with a delicious meal, this is the perfect pizza for take-out night.




When we say that Alley Cat likes to switch things up, we mean it. Our Stray Cat pizza is something totally out of the ordinary! It’s topped with breaded eggplant and ricotta cheese. Sound weird? Well, we promise you it isn’t! It’s like eggplant parmesan, but better because it’s in pizza form! Similarly, you can try our Fancy Cat, which is our specialty chicken parmesan pizza!


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When we say Loaded Cat, we mean it. This Alley Cat specialty is packed with piles of pepperoni, sausage, hamburger, mushrooms, onion, green peppers, black olives. Phew, that’s a long list. Trust us. It has just enough of everything to fulfill all of your cravings.




Now, we’re talking about a truly different, yet still tasty, pizza. Our El Gato pizza isn’t something you’ll find anywhere else, as it’s topped with hamburg, corn chips, onions, green peppers, black olives, tomato, and hots. How does that sound? Delicious, right?!




If you’re a fan of barbeque chicken pizza, the Fat Cat should become your next go-to. Our expertly-marinated BBQ chicken pizza is paired with red onion to create the perfect combination of flavors. Try it next time you order our pizza in Manchester, NH!


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Best Pizza in Manchester, NH


Next time you’re in the mood for pizza in Manchester, NH,  visit our family at Alley Cat Pizzeria. With a dedication to authentic ingredients and superior service, we promise you’ll be happy you stopped by!


Check out Alley Cat’s menu, give us a call at (603) 669-4533, and experience the best specialty pizzas around!