Sub Shop Wars: Hot vs. Cold Subs

When you head to your favorite sub shop, you’re faced with a choice: hot or cold? People have strong opinions on both sides, and there are reasons to love them both. At Alley Cat Pizzeria, we have sub offerings to please both sides of the argument. We have a hard time picking a favorite in one of the most important sandwich debates.


Let’s dive into the epic battle of flavors, textures, and preferences that make up the Sub Shop Wars.


Warm and Comforting

For a sandwich that’s also comfort food, there’s no beating a hot sub. The ingredients melt together, creating a perfect blend of flavors and textures. The warmth adds a layer of satisfaction, making a hot sub a more substantial, comforting meal. One of our most popular hot subs is our chicken parm. Chicken parm is already a comfort meal, but when you put it on a warm sub roll? It’s hard to resist.


Crisp and Cool

On the other side, we have cold subs. Cold subs have a refreshing, crisp appeal that is perfect for a warmer day or when you want something lighter. The textures of cold cuts, fresh vegetables, and flavorful condiments work together to make a complex and satisfying sandwich experience. They are the go-to choice for those prioritizing a more straightforward, zesty flavor profile. Cold subs are also great if you want to grab something to enjoy later. You don’t have to worry about reheating it, so you can enjoy your sandwich whenever and wherever you want!


Choose Your Side

Diners may have chosen a side in the Sub Shop Wars, but it really comes down to personal preference. Some of us change our minds from day to day. So, if you’ve come down on the side of hot subs today, it’s okay if you switch sides tomorrow. We understand, and we don’t judge.


Enjoy Sub Shop Favorites at Alley Cat

Ultimately, whether you’re Team Hot or Team Cold, we’re all winners in the Sub Shop Wars. If you’re loyal to your team or switch sides as the mood takes you, you still get a delicious sandwich in the end. Don’t worry about picking a side, we support all your sub choices at Alley Cat.


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