Take Out Favorites: Why We Love Waffle Fries

Getting a side of fries with your take out is basically a no-brainer. For some of us, it’s a reflex to order fries when the person on the other end of the phone asks if you want anything else. All french fries are pretty great, but at Alley Cat Pizzeria, we’re partial to waffle fries. What makes waffle fries great is more than just the fun shape. In fact, the fun shape is what gives waffle fries the characteristics that make them stand out from other fries.


Let’s take a closer look at waffle fries and what makes them the heroes of your take out order.


Increased Textured Surface

A waffle cut fry has more surface area than a regular french fry, which gives you more surface area to capture seasoning dipping sauces. The ridges and valleys also hold on to seasonings and sauces better than a flat surface, enhancing the overall flavor. The waffle cut also creates thinner ares that become crispier when fried, making the textures more complex and satisfying.


A Feast for the Eyes

The visual appearance of your food also contributes to your enjoyment. As much as we love a basket of straight-cut golden fries, the look of a waffle-cut fry is something special. The pattern and ridges look good on a plate, making waffle fries a great side for guests or if you just want to treat yourself. Waffle fries also take a little more time and effort to make, so as a diner, you know that your favorite restaurant is putting in a little extra effort to serve you great food.


The New Kid in Town

Although we can date french fries back to 18th century Belgium, waffle fries are much more recent. In 1979, an inventor named Edgar Matsler patented a potato slicer that could cut lattice patterns into a potato. This innovation brought about the waffle fry and revolutionized the fried potato.


Your Favorite Take Out from Alley Cat

Whether you’re partial to pizza or subs, you need the perfect side to round out your take out order. For that, we offer the waffle fry: crispy, zesty, and delicious.


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