There’s Only 1 Reason for Manchester Delivery on September 20th!

When it comes to National Days, there’s no denying that there seems to be an endless amount of them. And, most of them revolve around food – our favorite! However, when you take a look at the list of days, a few stand out more than others. For instance, September 20th happens to be one of our favorites here at Alley Cat Pizzeria. Why? Well, it’s National Pepperoni Pizza Day! Whether you are looking for Manchester delivery or a dine-in experience, we’re here to help you celebrate!


In lieu of the pepperoni pizza, we’re taking this time to delve into this historic customer favorite with a few fun facts that may (or may not) help you during the next trivia night!


Taking it back in time.

Like anything, there is a first when it comes to pepperoni pizza. And, like any food, the beginnings always have a few variations. However, with this said pizza, many stories bring the reader to New York City during the year of 1905 as immigration into America was at its peak. With immigration came bits and pieces of many different cultures – like pepperoni and pizza. 


If you never heard of Lombardi’s in New York City, this neighborhood market is known as the father of all things pizza in the United States.


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It probably comes as no surprise that pepperoni pizza is one of the most popular pizza choices – aside from cheese. But the following facts may be a big more of a surprise:


  • Americans consume around 250 million pounds of pepperoni each year.
  • The first ever online pizza purchase was made to Pizza Hut for a pepperoni and mushroom pizza.
  • Arizona is one of the largest producers of pepperoni.
  • Super Bowl weekend produces the highest revenue in pizza sales over any other time during the year.
  • Italians don’t eat pepperoni – in fact, it’s extremely hard to find this meat when traveling to the country!
  • The word pepperoni comes from Italy, however it is based around a dried salami that included peppers.


Considering Manchester delivery?

September 20th is National Pepperoni Pizza Day. The perfect time to kick back and let your favorite pizza shop, Alley Cat Pizzeria, do the cooking! Give us a call or place your order online and join in on the fun with one of the best pepperoni pizzas in town!


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