Why Pizza Delivery Is the Perfect Meal to Eat Outside

Summer is a time for gathering with friends and family, enjoying a meal outside, or al fresco, if you’re feeling fancy. In fact, August 31st is National Eat Outside Day, when we can celebrate the pleasure of enjoying a good meal in the fresh air. There are plenty of restaurants that offer outdoor dining in the summer, but it’s just as nice to do it at home. Everyone has their summertime favorites to enjoy outside. At Alley Cat, ours is obviously pizza. We really can’t think of anything more perfect for summer than ordering pizza delivery and enjoying it outside with friends and family, can you?


Here’s why we think pizza delivery is the perfect choice for an outdoor meal in the summer.


No Mess, No Stress

There are a lot of great things about eating outside at home, but one of the best is that there’s very little cleanup. You can feel free to eat messy food and not be that worried about accidentally dripping on the ground. When you order pizza delivery, you don’t even need to use plates if you don’t want to. Eat it straight out of the box and revel in the easy-breezy joys of eating outside!


No Silverware? No Problem.

Depending on what your deck or patio setup is at home, you may not have a good place to sit down with a meal that requires a knife and fork. We’ve all had that picnic or backyard barbeque experience of trying to cut something on a plate in your lap. It’s always difficult and awkward. But with pizza, you don’t need to deal with any of that. Everyone has that friend or relative who insists that you ought to eat pizza with a knife and fork because that’s how they do it in Italy. But in America, pizza is finger food. Whatever your reasons for wanting to skip the silverware when eating outdoors, pizza is the perfect food for it.


Invite All Your Friends

When you have friends over for dinner or go out to a restaurant together, the question of space always comes up. Can everyone fit comfortably in your dining room/living room/kitchen? Are there too many of you to eat at a restaurant without causing headaches for the servers? You can bypass all those concerns by ordering pizza delivery from Alley Cat and enjoying the company of as many friends as you can fit in your backyard!


Enjoy eating outdoors with friends or alone in front of the TV with pizza delivery from Alley Cat. We won’t judge. You can order online to make it even easier!