Your Favorite Manchester Pizza Toppings, Ranked

It is no surprise that pizza is one of the most popular foods in America. It is definitely our favorite here At Alley Cat Pizza. With the thought of pizza comes the hundreds of possible things we can top them with. But which pizza topping is the best? Your local Manchester pizza crew is ready to rank some of our favorites. 


8. Green Peppers

Most commonly paired with onion, green pepper takes the 8th spot on our list. However, its partner is somewhere else on this list. 


7. Black Olives

Many think that black olives are a natural pick for a pizza topping because most pizza sauces feature the ingredient. However, despite this, some people don’t like the idea of olives being on their pizza, ranking it at number seven.


6. Extra Cheese

In America, it is a known fact that we love our cheeses. A study done in 2020 shows that an average American was estimated to eat over 40 pounds of cheese per year! When you calculate the people who eat cheese in the United States (230 million), that is roughly nine billion two hundred pounds of cheese per year. 


5. Bacon

One of the most popular meats in the United States is Bacon. It’s not a surprise that the topping ranks pretty high on our list too! 


4. Sausage

Another of the most popular meats in America is the sausage which ranks at number 4. 


3. Onions

Finally, the partner of green peppers ranks on our list at number 3. In addition to green peppers, onions go perfectly with many other toppings such as sausage, bacon, spinach, and many others. Additionally, it ranks a bit higher than the rest because of how well it mixes with other flavors. 


2. Mushrooms 

In addition to black olives being commonly mixed with pizza sauce, mushrooms also find their way into the batch. This makes the ingredient another no-brainer for some of our favorite toppings for pizza.


1. Pepperoni

It’s no surprise that pepperoni takes the first place spot for the most popular pizza topping in America. While many people like to believe that the pepperoni pizza was first made in Italy, it was actually born in New York City around 1919. 


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We have your favorite toppings. 

No matter what your favorite pizza topping is, you will find it at Alley Cat Pizza. At Alley Cat, our team prides themselves on making the best New York styled pizzas in Manchester. From handmade pizza to our friendly and inviting atmosphere, it was no wonder that we were ranked number one for the best Manchester Pizza.


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