A Brief History of Pizza Shops

Pizza shops are practically a staple in the restaurant industry worldwide, and that’s saying something! While many pizzerias may not be considered as genuine as those in Naples, Italy, there’s still something authentic about ordering a fresh slice of cheese and pepperoni from your local shop. But why is that? Today, we’re looking at the history of the pizza shop and how it became a worldwide phenomenon. 

The Original Pizzeria

We’ve touched on the history of the pizza and who originally started it (read more about pizza’s “hand-tossed history” here). However, the original pizza shop has a history of its own, dating back to 1738! According to tradition, the first Italian pizzeria, Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba, began serving a dish based on the poor man’s pizza: flatbread, tomato sauce, and simple toppings like cheese and olive oil. 

Did you know? The first American pizza can be credited to Gennaro Lombardi, who sold the flatbread dish in his Manhattan-based grocery store in 1905. It wasn’t until 1910, when Joe’s Tomato Pies opened its doors, that a second pizzeria became established in America. 

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The Pizzeria Revolution

Modern pizzerias provide a wide variety of pizza styles, with toppings that continue to surprise even the wildest pizza-lover. American pizza shops have certainly changed over the years, from deep-dish chain restaurants to rustic, farm-to-table styles and our personal favorite, the brick-oven pizza shop. However you prefer it, a pizza shop is a place for everyone to come and enjoy their perfect slice of cheese, pepperoni, or Hawaiian (although you may not find this last one in Naples, Italy). 

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