Busy Holiday Schedule? Order Pizza Delivery!

Now that we are decidedly in the middle of the holiday season, everyone’s schedules are pretty busy. There’s shopping to do, decorations to put up, friends and family to see, and so much more. With everything you have to get done before we reach December 25th, there isn’t always time for planning and cooking meals every evening. But you and your family still have to eat, so what do you do? Order delivery from Alley Cat Pizzeria! From pizza to subs, there’s something for everyone to enjoy while you finish last-minute preparations.


Here’s why delivery from Alley Cat should be your go-to easy dinner option this holiday season.


Quick and Convenient

Convenience is the primary draw of food delivery at any time of year, but it’s especially appealing around the holidays. Whether you’re coming home after a busy day or going out for a busy evening, it’s tough to squeeze dinner in between all your holiday activities. So why not let us take care of it for you? Order a pizza or two to share with your family, or get subs or calzones if everyone wants something different.


Something for Everyone

Anyone who has ever made dinner for a group of people knows that it’s impossible to make everyone happy. Not so if you order pizza! Pizza is always sure to be a hit, and if you do have some outliers in the group, they can get a sub or a salad. And if you’re entertaining or just don’t want to go out in the cold, our delivery drivers are ready to brave the elements for you.


Casual Party Food

It’s not the holidays without a party or two. As fun as a fancy dinner party might be, the most enjoyable celebrations are often casual and relaxed. You could spend your entire evening in the kitchen preparing your specialties for your friends and family, or you could order pizza and enjoy catching up with your loved ones. And as we’ve established many times, everyone likes pizza. So order a selection of pizzas and spend your time enjoying the party!


Enjoy This Holiday Season with Pizza Delivery

There’s no wrong time to order pizza delivery. At Alley Cat, we have all your favorites, from the classics to our house specialties. Order a pizza, put on your favorite Christmas movie, and relax!


Relieve some holiday stress with pizza from Alley Cat! Call us at 603-669-4533 or order online!