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Everybody loves ordering pizza. Pizza is always a good time. If you’re having a bunch of friends over or just don’t feel like cooking, it’s hard to go wrong with pizza. And if you’re ordering for yourself, it’s easy. Call up your favorite Manchester take out place, order the pizza you want, and patiently wait for it to arrive. But what about when you have to get a group of people—or just one other person—to agree on pizza? If you find yourself in a pizza-ordering standoff, don’t worry! Alley Cat Pizzeria, your favorite Manchester take out place, is here to help.

Here are some tips to keep everyone happy when ordering pizza from your favorite Manchester take out place.


Follow the 2:1:1 Rule

This rule comes into play whenever you have to order for more than four people. It’s a simple rule and easy to follow: two pepperoni, one cheese, one veggie. Pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping in America, so it’s always a safe option for a pizza order. Cheese and veggie are safe choices too if you have any picky eaters or vegetarians in the group. The 2:1:1 Rule is also easily adapted to your family or friend group. If you don’t have any vegetarians among you or everyone (rightly) agrees that plain cheese is boring, it’s easy to swap one of those out for something else. Go for meat lovers’ or Hawaiian or let that one weirdo have anchovies. (It’s me. I’m the weirdo.)


Go for More Mediums

When you only have three or four people to order for, one large pizza is usually enough. But that means that you have to get multiple people to agree on one pizza. We have a solution that we think is genius: two mediums. You get just as much pizza, if not more, with two mediums as with one large. And even better, you don’t have to agree on just one pizza.


Level the Cheese Ultimatum

We’ve all been there. Somehow, you ended up as the one responsible for ordering the pizza and you can’t get anyone to agree. So you go for it: you level the cheese ultimatum. If everyone can’t agree in the next two minutes, they’re all getting cheese and they’re all going to like it. Suddenly, pepperoni sounds great to everybody.

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Manchester Take Out from Alley Cat

Even if no one can agree on what they want, it’s easy to agree that they want it from Alley Cat Pizzeria. Next time you’re ordering Manchester take out, give Alley Cat a call.


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